How to participate / Stages of registration

Dates of the exhibition: from March 9 to April 9, 2019.
Participants registration: until February 20, 2019 (inclusive).



1 step: send the necessary registration materials to the organizing committee
2 step: get confirmation from the organizing committee
3 step: reception of original art objects (in Moscow and Minsk)


1 step: reception of registration materials by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
Registration materials:
1) Application form (download WordPDF)
2) Labels for each art object (download WordPDF);
3) Applicant’s photo (size of at least 3x4 cm);
4) Images of the competition works (not less than 200 dpi, not more than 20 Mb);
2 step: confirmation from the organizing committee
Art critics of the organizing committee and the Moliere gallery look at the materials sent and confirm their participation in the exhibition.
The author is sent an invoice for payment of the registration fee. The size of the entry fee can be found here:
After payment of the organization fee, the author sends a copy or screenshot of payment to the organizing committee, and on the basis of this receives an official confirmation of participation (the organizing committee sends a label with the registration number and instructions for the further program of participation in the project)
3 step (for original artwork): reception of original art objects in Moscow and Minsk.
Original works can be brought to the exhibition in France by yourself (PROMO), or entrusted with transportation to the organizing committee (BASIC). If the author chooses the "BASIC" option, the organizing committee draws up all the necessary customs documents and carries out transportation of art objects to the exhibition, and at the end of the exhibition - back to the organizing committee.


All authors admitted to participate in the exhibition are published in the catalogue "Week of Russian Art in France." The catalogue goes to the beginning of the exhibition. Catalogue format: A4. The catalogue is published in three languages: French, English and Russian. Approximate price of the catalogue - 1400-1700 rubles (25-30 euros).

Forms of participation:

а) PROMO: Personal partiсipation (you visit France and bring artwork in person)
b) BASIC: you ship artwork to the organazing committee, we exhibit
а) PHOTOCOPY - WALL: (photocopy on foam board in the exposition)
b) PHOTOCOPY - BOOK: (photocopy on paper in art book)
Decorating / printing of correspondence works is carried out by the Organizing Committee.
All art objects registered for the exhibition&competition (original and art print) participate in the exhibition and competition with equal rights. 


- Exhibition&Competition of Painting
- Exhibition&Competition of Graphic
- Exhibition&Competition of Arts&Crafts
- Exhibition&Competition of Textile
- Exhibition&Competition of Sculpture
Read more about design rules and nominations  in section "Competition Programm".