"RUSSIAN ART WEEKS IN FRANCE" International Art Project

The Eurasian Art Union and GALERIE DES MOLIERES (the Moliere Gallery), Miramas (Department of Bouches-du-rhône), Cote d'azur, France, invite artists and art experts from Europe, Russia and other countries to take part in an amazing event –the Art Week in France.
During the monthly exhibition residents and guests of the French Riviera will have a chance to become acquainted with more than 50 paintings by honored Russian artists from more than 10 cities and regions of the Russian Federation. A few artworks of famous European artists, whose works exhibit love and respect to Russia will also be presented at the exposition.

Dates of the exhibition: from March 9 to April 9, 2019.
Participants registration: until February 20, 2019 (inclusive).
Address: the Moliere Gallery, 11 Avenue of Greece, Miramas, France.
La Galerie de Moliere-11 Avenue de Grèce-zi de Moliere - 13140 Miram
Project concept: "The Russian soul through Russian art”
The Mystery of Russian soul
This cultural phenomenon continues to fascinate and puzzle, attract or, on the contrary, disturb many and many...Both outside Russia and on its vast expanses.
There are as many answers to this mystery as there are those who try to solve it. And those who avoid rational solutions in favor of emotional and sensual perception are much closer to the truth.
Directed mostly to the heart and not to the mind, art provides unique opportunities to feel and understand the soul of another culture. And to find your right answer. And to see the deep spiritual closeness behind the outer otherness...

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